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Adventures in Creating a DH Community

Adventures in Creating a DH Community Jay Jay Stroup | @jayjaystroup   Note: this is written from the perspective of a graduate student, but most of my tips/advice can be adapted by undergraduates and/or faculty. How do you create a Digital Humanities (DH) community at your university if you don’t have a DH center or… Read more »

Daniel’s Video Masterclass (for Non-Masters)

Daniel’s Video Masterclass (for Non-Masters) By Daniel Custard, 2016 NMWS Intern In the days of 7-second viral videos recorded on iPhones, there has never been an easier time to pick up a camera and shoot. But, you want to make something of quality, of value, and that doesn’t look like it was recorded by your 8-month-old… Read more »

Adventures In Virtual Reality

Adventures In Virtual Reality by Arielle Adame, NMWS Assistant The first thing I saw once we approached the double doors was a black security scanner on the wall beside the door, comparable to Men In Black stuff. In the heart of Dallas this small branch is hidden, but there is nothing hidden about the vision… Read more »

Adventures in Digital Storytelling

Adventures in Digital Storytelling Carrie Leverenz For some reason, I always seem to be behind on the latest BIG thing. I am just now watching Mad Men, one episode at a time, on Netflix. And I didn’t get around to listening to Serial (Season 1—Did Adnan do it or didn’t he? Argh!!!), until a binge-listen… Read more »

Adventures in Digital History

Adventures in Digital History By Joe Schiller, New Media Writing Studio Graduate Assistant   Here at the TCU New Media Writing Studio, we’re all heeding Jackie’s call to blog. Central to her message is the idea that trying something unfamiliar can be liberating and rewarding. In that spirit, we’re also diving into the Digital Humanities,… Read more »

3 Reasons Why Blogging is Worth Your Time

3 Reasons Why Blogging is Worth Your Time By – Jackie Hoermann, Assistant Director NMWS Last week, I introduced myself to Studio web traffic, briefly mentioning my interest in blogging as a teacher and a writer. But did you notice that smile of restraint on my face as I try to move on? What I wanted to do was go… Read more »