Meet Our 2016-2017 GlobalEX Teams

Each GlobalEX team documents their local-global activities and learning on TCU’s digital portfolio platform, Frogfolio. This year, all teams have Mayan names because the winning GlobalEX Student Team takes a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in the Spring of 2017! Click on the team names below to explore each team’s local-global learning!

Student Teams

Click on the team photos to learn more about their experiences or follow these links: Team HunmolTeam CanlaahalTeam Kaxah, or Team Ciciol.

Team Hunmol

Team Canlaahal

Team Kaxah

Team Ciciol

Student Leadership Teams

GlobalEX is a student-led program. Click on the images below to meet the Student Leadership Teams and how they modeled local-global learning for our pilot year participants!

Team Pakte

Team Molcintah

Team Molcintah

Graduate Student Leadership Team

Three TCU graduate students helped kick-off the pilot year of our program.

Assessment Leadership Team

Student learning is central to the mission of TCU. The assessment of our students learning through GLobalEX is not only a source of evidence that demonstrates our effectiveness in achieving our mission; it is, more importantly, a process and a tool for improving student learning.

Faculty and Staff Leadership Team

Sarah Robbins, Liz Branch, and James English are the faculty and staff mentors who have supported the Student Leadership Team in creating GlobalEX.


James English


Liz Branch


Sarah Robbins








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