Just 3 Things: Photoshop

written by Curt Rode
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Podcast Tutorial:

  • Planning:
    • Script
      • outline of main points
      • conversational tone
      • include tags for who is saying each line
      • transitions / transitional phrases
      • Make sure that everyone’s voice is equally heard throughout the podcast
    • Equipment:
      • Avoid using your computer microphone.
      •  Recording with the built-in mic on your headphones will improve audio quality.
      • Make sure your mic is below your mouth and a bit to the side.
      • Don’t speak directly into the mic.
      • Make sure you watch the audio levels as you record. You don’t want your levels to be too high (too loud) because the quality will sound bad and if they are too low, it will be too soft.
    • Environment:
      • Try to record in a quiet environment.
      • Check out the environment before you start recording and listen for any background noise such as fans, air conditioners, printers, washing machines.
      • Avoid recording in environments with hard surfaces since they can cause an echo.
      • If you can’t find a quiet place to record, you can always find a small space to record in with a blanket over your head. It sounds weird, but it works.

  • Recording:
    • Take a sample recording before you start your interview. This will allow you to check the volume, as well as make sure that everything is working/saving correctly.
    • Keep all of your files in one place and make sure that folder is backed up to something like Google Drive, TCU Box, etc.
    • Can record in-person or virtually
    • Make sure you check your files after you are done recording

Just 3 Things: Photoshop
(2/7 & 2/14/20)

Adobe Photoshop logo.

Today’s 3 Things

0. Brief Orientation

  • Tool Bar
  • Layer Panel
  • Menus
  • History Panel
  1. Layer Manipulation
  • Stacking
  • Arranging
  • Combining images
  1. Transforming Images
  • Making Quick Improvements
  • Free Transforming & Quick Selections
  • Adding Text
  1. Exporting Images (file size management)
  • PSD files vs Other file types (JPG, GIF, TIFF)
  • Reducing the image’s file size (optimization)


Use the exercise files downloadable here.

  1. Stack the layers the way you want to see them.
  2. Arrange images as you like
  3. Download another image from the web and add it as a separate layer.
  4. Use Image > Auto Tone/Contrast/Color to improve your images.
  5. Use Free Transform to change the size and angle of a few images.
  6. Add a new layer for text and change its font/size.
  7. Save your PSD file.
  8. Export to JPG or GIF and reduce the file’s size (using File > Export > Save for Web).


Photoshop HELP!

(Emergency Troubleshooting Checklist)

If something’s not working right, try this:

  1. Calm yourself. Breathe.
  2. What is the cursor telling you?
  3. Check your layer.
  4. Check your tool.
  5. Check your options for that tool.
  6. Google it.

One last thing!

Adobe has great training videos on its website: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/tutorials.html

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