Coding Club

This shiny new club will function a bit like a writing group or sandbox, where we come together to think about new projects, play with approachable computer languages, and seek help as we build our digital sandcastles. We want to keep the atmosphere informal and collaborative—as we work on our own, we will have access to a community of others to help troubleshoot, work through problems, and to suggest new possibilities.Coding Club, October 10 and November 14, 11:00-12:00 pm, Schar 2003

Second Meeting Activities!

HTML and CSS Exercises and Tutorials:

Entry Level Text Analysis Tools:


Google Ngram Viewer:


Tell us about yourself:

21st Century Prerequisite Data Gathering (tell us who you are and about your Coding Club goals).

Google Doc for Suggestions, Links, Sharing Fun Things You’ve Learned, Cute Animal .gifs


Trying to decide where to Start?

Have you run into a “tech” term you don’t know?

Want to watch a bunch of videos to get a feel for all the possibilities for languages and listen to people use techy jargon?

Thinking about cutting the Word Processor cord? (That’s not real, so I need a better gimmicky question for LaTeX. Please.)

Looking for a text editor?

Want to check out GitHub’s Trending Repositories in All Languages with links for language specific trends?