Digital Portfolios | Process |

Digital Portfolios | Process |

Digital Portfolios in 4 Steps

Step 1: Remember, Content is King

It’s easy to get distracted by flashy website, but content is always the most important part of any website. Begin by writing the content of your website. For a digital portfolio, consider including an About section, information on your research, teaching, administration, and service; and a digital CV.  For any content specifically written for the website, make sure to write in an easy to read style (learn more about Writing for the Web).

Step 2: Make Website Builders or HTML Templates Work for You

Once you have content and an organizational structure for your website, then start choosing how you will compose your website. Website builders (such as Wix and Weebly) are an easy way to start and often have free accounts for entry-level design, but you may want to graduate to web design software (such as or Dreamweaver) that requires additional coding knowledge. (Learn more about Digital Portfolio Tools and Resources.) Whichever route you take will give you free templates and/or themes to help develop your site. When choosing a template or theme, select themes that match your purpose—aka don’t pick a business or photo gallery theme for a professional portfolio.

Step 3: Populate Your Website

After choosing a website builder, try out a range of themes. Add your pre-composed material to the site, starting with the main pages and navigation menu. Add and/or rearrange content as necessary. Remember that the writing process requires revision!

Step 4: User-Test Your Website

One way to think about a website is as a “content management system” that organizes a lot of different information in a user-friendly way. To make sure you’ve organized your site for your readers, ask friends, family, or consultants at the CDEx and Writing Center to test your site!

For more detailed information on planning and populating your digital portfolio, see the slideshows below!

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Designing Digital Professional Portfolios Workshop Series: Populating Your Portfolio