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DiscByHugoGetting Started

Choose your editing software. If you’re a PC user, Windows Movie Maker is a free option. If you’re a MAC user, iMovie is already installed. For more advanced software, Adobe’s Premier Pro is an option for both MAC and PC users (although you can no longer purchase it as a standalone program—you must buy a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud). MAC users can use Final Cut Pro X.

In Progress

Use the following stages of production to plan your video and guide your filming process.

Pre-Production: Conceive of the movie and make logistical plans. Plan a list of the video shots you will record, consider the types and angles of shots, and develop your movie idea through storyboards or scripts.

Production: Create the content that will become your movie. Consider what’s needed for good lighting, useful audio, and clear video shots.

Post-Production: Import your video from the camera to the computer, and make decisions about memory and file storage. Then, use Mac software (iMovie) or Windows software (Movie Maker) to assemble your content, edit it into a movie, and prepare it for distribution. Learn about storyboard view, working with a timeline, and adding transitions and effects.

Finishing Up

To polish your video, read more about videography with helpful tips from these sources.

This site provides tutorials and guides for using cameras, setting up shots, editing video, and working with different formats.

BBC Good Shooting Guide

An interactive site with plenty of details about how to work with different camera angles.