Our Story

Over the Years


The TCU New Media Writing Studio

  • Opened its doors in August 2006 with a mission to support composing and teaching new media across the university

Our Early Years


The Move

  • In 2010 sent the New Media Writing Studio to the second floor of Scharbauer Hall. After the VIA grant, funding for the Studio has been provided by AddRan College and through endowment gifts to the Institute for Critical and Creative Expression (ICCE).


  • Became the TCU Center for Digital Expression

Fun Facts:

Each summer from 2006-2010, the NMWS conducted a week-long workshop for TCU instructors, focused on the theory and practice of new media composing, including hands-on work with images, blogging, website, and video. During the school year, additional workshops addressed topics such as the creation of digital portfolios, building websites, document design, working with images, presentation design, animation, and new media pedagogy.

The CDEx has at times expanded its services to provide for-fee workshops through TCU’s Extended Education program.

A number of new initiatives have been developed, including a Graduate Certificate in New Media Composing and Teaching, a Digital Humanities Speaker Series, and new media workshops for the community, including middle school and high school students, area K-12 teachers, and various non-profit groups.