Teaching Resources

Digital expression in educational settings creates a multitude of opportunities for engagement and learning through texts, conversations, assignments, and technologies. This page supports these efforts by outlining guiding principles and providing instructional resources for faculty and staff.

Guiding Principles

  • Align with learning outcome(s)
    • How will digital expression augment current forms of expression to increase learner engagement?
    • Or, how will this approach foster new modalities of discourse that support learning outcomes?
  • Base approach on instructor knowledge
    • What conceptual or technical knowledge on digital expression does the instructor possess?
    • What learning or professional development on digital expression benefits the instructor for the task at hand?
  • Calibrate according to resource availability
    • What resources–technologies, time, knowledge, energy, space–are available to instructors and learners?
    • What may pose major or minor constrains to this availability?
  • Deliver instruction
    • Deliver the instruction or assignment to observe, assess, and adjust based on interactions, compositions, and outcomes.

The Center for Digital Expression staff can assist teachers in learning and teaching these basics.

  • Submit class reservation requests no less than two weeks in advance
  • Submit requests for CDEx presentations or workshops three weeks in advance
  • Submit requests for help with assignment design and software learning four to six weeks in advance

Room Reservations

Teachers who need access to a computer classroom to facilitate hands-on work with computers may reserve the Center for Digital Expression for up to four weeks of class sessions a semester, with the exception of the last two weeks of the semester when demand for open lab time is heaviest. Please request at least two weeks before date(s). Reservations are honored on a first-come, first-served basis.

If your class reservation is during regular CDEx hours, the CDEx will be closed to open lab users, but CDEx staff will remain on duty. If the staff is expected to provide instruction or support during a reserved class session, that request must be made at least three weeks prior to the reservation date. CDEx staff will make every effort to support your class project, but not all CDEx staff have equal expertise in all software.


The CDEx houses 12 PC and 8 Mac workstations, all equipped with Adobe CC (Creative Cloud). Final Cut Pro and Camtasia (screencast software) are available on one Mac workstation. If you have more than 20 students in your class, consider bringing them to the Studio in two groups. We also have digital video cameras, cameras, tripods, and audio recorders that may be checked out by faculty and students working on approved projects. A scanner is available for use in the CDEx.


Check out the information and resources available on the CDEx website.