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Digital Humanities Interest Group

The Digital Humanities Interest Group (DHIG)

The Digital Humanities Interest Group (DHIG) is a transdisciplinary interest group started by English department graduate students. The DHIG is an incubator for individual and collaborative DH (defined broadly) projects. The group hopes to collaboratively (1) design manageable DH projects that are contextualized within larger scholarship, (2) discuss members’ on-going projects and showcase their work, and (3) teach and learn from one another.

Two presenters talking about digital humanities and audience watches

The first meeting of DHIG was held at the CDEx. Jongkeyong Kim and Sean McCullough, who organized DHIG, shared their vision of the group and their Digital Humanities project which is about a data analysis and visualization of research topics in dissertations and theses produced in TCU’s English graduate program over the past two decades. Audience discussed the potentials and limitations of the project, enjoying free lunch offered by CDEx.

You can learn more about DHIG and Jongkeyong and Sean’s work via their presentation.

For more information, contact Jongkeyong at and Sean at