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The Center for Digital Expression has discontinued its Graduate Certificate Program. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact The information below is for archival purposes.


To help TCU graduate students and postdoctoral fellows document their use of new media for teaching, scholarship and service. No specific workshops or courses are required. Students and postdocs may work on the certificate throughout their graduate program.


Professional development in new media composing (approximately 10 hours). Students may attend workshops sponsored by the New Media Writing Studio or other programs that provide opportunities to develop new media composing or teaching skills. Students may also work on their skills independently.

Letter of Submission addressed to the CDEx Advisory Committee that introduces the portfolio, explains how the requirements have been met (including a description of professional development) and reflects on how the evidence submitted demonstrates the use of new media for teaching, scholarship, and service.

Digital Portfolio that includes the following:

  • Vita, designed for reading online with link to a pdf.
  • Two examples of scholarly or professional work in new media demonstrating use of at least two different new media tools or modes (audio, video, web design beyond the portfolio, presentation design, etc.). Provide a brief description of context. NOTE: These texts may originate from courses, exams, or other professional work such as conference presentations. One example may be collaborative.
  • Two examples of teaching-related work in new media demonstrating use of at least two different new media tools or modes. Provide a brief description of context. One example may be collaborative.
  • Two examples of your students’ new media work demonstrating use of at least two different new media tools or modes. Include an explanation of the assignment and blank evaluation rubric or teacher reflection on evaluation. NOTE: Graduate students who do not hold teaching appointments should consult with the Director of CDEx about alternatives for meeting this requirement
  • One example of service to the community (TCU, surrounding community or professional organization) that fosters new media composing or teaching. Evidence of community service should include some new media component (i.e. a well-designed presentation). Provide a brief description of context. The example may be collaborative.

Review Meeting to discuss the contents of the portfolio with members of the evaluation committee.


    1. Attend an introductory meeting, offered each semester, and complete an application form.
    2. Identify any work already completed during your TCU graduate career that might be applied toward the certificate. Account for your work by using the CDEx’s certificate checklist.
    3. Begin documenting professional development hours (attendance at workshops, using online tools for learning, etc.). Students may count professional development engaged in prior to applying for the certificate as long as they occurred while enrolled in a graduate program at TCU.
    4. Look for opportunities to do new media work in scholarship, teaching, and service. Remember to work in different modes.
    5. Develop your digital portfolio.  
    6. Consult with CDEx staff or other advisors at any point during the process.
    7. Deadlines for submitting digital portfolios for evaluation will be announced at the beginning of each semester.
    8. Members of the CDEx Advisory Committee will evaluate portfolios. Portfolios that need more work may be resubmitted the following semester.
    9. Award letters will be sent to the student and the graduate director of the appropriate graduate program.
    10. Certificate portfolios will be archived.


**Applicants are strongly encouraged to meet with a CDEx staff member to discuss the contents of the portfolio at the beginning and the end of the portfolio composition process.**

Contact the Center for Digital Expression ( if you need

  • Access to or help with design software such as Adobe Creative Suite
  • Use of audio recorders or video cameras
  • Workshops on composing or teaching with new media and using new media tools, offered throughout the year
  • Help during open lab hours
  • Individual consultations on any issue related to new media
  • Help designing your digital portfolio


If you are a TCU graduate student and are interested in our certification program, please apply here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I decide if earning the certificate is a good idea for me? Whether you already like working with new media or you want the chance to learn, the certificate program allows you to complete the requirements on your own terms. The certificate provides incentive and recognition for investing time in improving your ability to use new media for teaching, scholarship, and service.

Can I count professional development I did before I signed up to do the certificate? Yes. You can count any workshops you attended or other professional development activities since beginning your graduate program at TCU.

How much web design skill do I need to have? Do I have to use Dreamweaver or create my website in html from scratch? Although drag-and-drop programs like Weebly, Wix, or make it easy to quickly assemble a professional-looking portfolio, we want everyone who earns the certificate to have some basic knowledge about how web pages work and principles of design. That knowledge can be demonstrated in multiple ways, not just in the tools you use to create your portfolio. For example, in your review meeting with the evaluation committee, you’ll have the chance to explain the digital tools you chose to use and how you used them.

Does collaborative work count for more than one person’s certificate requirements? Yes. We recognize and support collaborative new media work. All we ask is that some of the work in your digital portfolio be composed primarily by you.

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