We are GlobalEX. We are collaborative.

We are a collaborative initiative to bring international and domestic students together to engage in global learning activities and to partner with the local-global community in Fort Worth.

We’ve Got Goals.

  • Students work with global and/or local-global ideas and people.
  • Students carry out collaborative and reciprocal learning in an intercultural context.
  • Students reflect on shared global-learning experiences.

GlobalEX Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will begin to learn how to identify, research, and present publicly on local-global topics in an effective manner.
  • Students will begin to identify a shared, cross-cultural learning space for U.S.-based and international students.
  • Local-global peoples in the community are given a platform to be heard on TCU’s campus.

GlobalEX Benchmark Activities:

  • Each team of 3 or 4 students (blending US-based and international) explores and investigates a local-global topic together.
  • Each team prepares a public-sharing event to share their learning with the TCU community and beyond.
  • Participants create a digital team portfolio (on TCU’s Frogfolio platform) so they can share their intercultural, local-global learning story with the community.