Sample Assignment: Psychology


Adolescents Movie (Sarah Southworth, Fall 2013)

Project Type: Professional Video

Submitted by: Casey Call

Class: Child Development (CHDV 3503)
Note: This class fulfills the requirement for childhood development majors

Time Commitment: More than 5 weeks

Difficulty: Beginner – No prior experience necessary

Assignment Description:

Students select a practice setting (e.g., schools, hospitals) or population (e.g., people who are homeless, adolescents) based upon professional interest and create a video describing careers in this area. Videos should be informative and targeted towards young adults who would like to enter careers working with children.

Necessary Tools:

  • Personal Computer
  • Video Camera
  • Still Camera (optional)
  • Windows Movie Maker (PC) or iMovie (Mac)

Downloadable Assignment Materials:

Assignment Sheet

Rubric or Grading Criteria