Digital Portfolios

Digital Portfolios



Image by cirox. Creative Commons licensed.


What is a digital portfolio?

A digital portfolio is an online collection of work, selected and organized for a particular purpose and audience.

Why create a digital portfolio?

  • Assessment. Someone requires you to construct a portfolio of your work
    for purposes of evaluation.
  • Personal repository. A place to gather your professional work (or more) so
    that you can access it easily. Your e-college website is unavailable to you
    after you complete your course and is always unavailable to people
    outside your class. A professional website lets you share your materials with
    students and colleagues and include a wide variety of materials.
  • Job or Award. Increasingly, job candidates are making their materials
    available online. This trend does not mean you can skip sending your
    application letter, résumé, and other materials the committee asks for, but
    a professional website or portfolio allows you to supply additional material
    for the committee to consider. Online portfolios also allow you to link to
    information on the web and to include non-print evidence such as multimedia
    work or classroom presentations that you’ve created. You can
    even include a video of yourself.

Please dig deeper to learn more to learn more about the Process of building your own digital portfolio, to see live Examples, to get a breakdown of the Tools, and for additional Resources.